semweb – Semantic Web and Expert Systems – Projekte


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Industry, research, authorities, service, education
FHGR (Chur, CH)
Lectures in Semantic Web
  • Introduction to Semantic Systems
  • Semantic Systems (deepening)
Airbus (Toulouse, F)
Semantics Consultancy for Product Access
  • Several Trainings on Linked Data technology
  • Semantics Consultancy to process Linked Data
  • MarkLogic benchmarking with unmanaged triples
Cooperation with HEG Genf, ZHDK Zürich, Zentralbibliothek Zürich
Data provider and software architect for project LODZH – Linked-Data Zürich
  • Development of the complete infrastructure (Java, Wiki, Issue Tracker, Backups)
  • RDF Data Hosting – secured with https/digest
  • Consulting for the project partners around RDF / LD issues
  • Software architect for the realisation of an RDF based search portal
OIZ – Computing center of the City (Hall) Zürich, CH
Interim team leader of the CMS Team
  • Release planning and coordination with customer site (Zurich City Hall departments)
  • Release dependent tests coordination
  • Technical consulter of the innovation staff
HEG (HES-SO) Haute Ecole de Gestion, Geneva, CH
Project ReSiPi
Research Consultant & Senior Scientist
  • (CTI Research Project: Real-time Engine for selecting Information for Patentable Inventions
    Scientist responsible for solution architecture and development
  • Ontology processing (XMLRDF, PHP, Java, Perl, MYSQL, APACHE, TOMCAT, SOLR, DBPedia, Protégé) using semantic web and text mining technologies.
Project RODIN
Responsible for the solution architecture and development
  • Web3.0, semantic web based search portal for data sources aggregation with parallel metasearch and semantic meshups (XMLRDF, AJAX, PHP, Java, MYSQL, APACHE, semantic web)
  • Development of frameworks for widget generation
  • Partial evaluation of SKOS structures into SOLR ready-to-use documents
  • Semantization of free text search results
  • Generation and pubblication of LOD representations of search results
Project MASI
Architecture and development
  • Concept, architecture and running prototype of a manuscript scanning and classification system based on semantic web and text mining technology.
Lecturer for bachelor courses
  • Introduction to knowledge management (own script)
  • Introduction to database technologies (own script)
  • Optimisation/coordination of the French and German knowledge management course content.
Zürcher Kantonalbank, Zürich, CH
Head of EAI development – Enterprise Application Integration
  • Leading seven team members
  • Developing java based modules for the EAI infrastructure
  • Responsible for offers for the EAI section
  • Coordinating offers / releases with customer departments
Development and support of the ZKB documental system
Roll-out Management
  • Responsible for the document archiving interface of the documental system
  • Responsible for the test environment of the documental system (Livelink, Websphere/AIX, JBOSS/Linux and Windows)
  • Development of Java applications for the documental system
  • Architecture and development of a proactive monitoring system for every segment of the documental system
Implementation of an SAP data archiving system
Technical project leader
  • Implementation of an SAP data archiving project (VDRNet4.2 and ArchiveLink, PERL, Windows, AIX, z/OS)
  • Responsible for system test and roll-out management
Kornhausbibliotheken, Bern, CH
Development and integration of a semi-adaptive chatbot system
  • Architecture, development and integration (AIML, PHP, Apache)
Unique-Concept GmbH, Munich, D
Project Lead / coordination of sub-teams and development
  • Development of Web-to-Print systems
  • Web-toPrint portal for a German for a big german bank (PHP, mySql, Apache/Win XP)
  • Web-toPrint Portal for a German global player in the retail industry (PHP, mySql, Apache/Win XP)
Research centre of DaimlerChrysler AG, Ulm, D
Virtual Reality Competence Center (Virtual Show Room)
Project lead / architecture / development
  • Architecture and software development of a computer based digital mock-up process inside the Project: “Workflows for coordinating and expediting the digital mock-up (DMU) process”.
  • Design and development and project management for a virtual reality visualization front end (using C++ / X11) for mathematical simulation models.
BFI-Betriebstechnik GmbH, Düsseldorf, D
Project lead / architecture / development
  • Design and development of a graphic-oriented Expert System for generating configurators in the industrial area (in KBMS
  • Design and development of an object-oriented Expert System in G2 for detailed planning and for event-controlled production monitoring (with industrial partners from Germany and Italy)