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Fr De
Ideal client – ideal architect

Knowledge, skills
Real knowledge is attained by curiosity, practice, hard work and constant comparison. Competence requires
proof, in practice; empirically recognize success and failure, decide, improve and track. Only the courage to embrace new ways and unorthodox scenarios, while being mindful of the risks, enable the highly trained to further expand their knowledge and abilities. The skilled are typically fast.

Computer scientists inherently possess a vertical understanding of communication. The purpose of their skill lies at the surface – in the needs and requirements of organizations and individuals. Perhaps the basis of all of today’s actions, be it of man or machine, can be found in communication. The service oriented computer scientist communicates with his partners on a horizontal level, where technical depths are considered, and appropriate methods are discussed so that treasures can be found.

Methodologies and Ideas
As a computer scientist, the methods are natural and a matter of course for me. Methodology is indispensable and it requires stringency in analysis, conception and implementation. But do not underestimate the importance of alert intuition, the pivotal idea and the unorthodox approach, as they often lead to solutions.

Truth and Courage
IT projects often fail simply due to human error. The pair “true or false” has been mastered by machines, not humans. That is why especially IT projects require that decision makers and those who are responsible have a high degree of integrity. The fact that IT projects are expensive is an additional reason for this.