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SKOS Web Tagging

Fr De

Boost your Web Content with relevant (explained) highlighted concepts

SKOS2Tag analyses your WordPress text and tags found concepts on the basis of a defined SKOS thesaurus, whose data are gathered called from a SPARQL ENDPOINT hosting the thesaurus data and immediately cached inside your WordPress. Every tagged blog page call will thus render in no (extra) time.

SKOS thesauri can be made available either from an own LOD space or from a professional tool for thesaurus management. We show the effect of SKOS2Tag using a thesaurus called Semweb.

In case the thesaurus has a definition for a tagged concept, this definition can be displayed upon mouse hovering on the tag close to the tag.

SKOS2Tag is installed as WordPress Plugin. After vital information like SPARQL ENDPOINT and Thesaurus name are provided, skos2tag can already start its work. Fine tuning settings like stopwords, separators, tag symbols, excluding symbols, blog filtering expressions, tooltip formatting code, view modes, etc… allow for an ad-hoc configuration meeting most special needs of a website.

SKOS2Tag works perfectly in combination with SKOS Shuttle.

PS: Please contact us if you wish to port this technology to your Web Content Managent System.