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Semantic Web

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Semantically finding the right thing.

Find your way through large data and search spaces! Make use of the advantages of domain specific SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organisation System) based Thesauri together with text-mining technologies and find previously unknown valuable results.

Semweb efficiently accompanies you during the semantization of relevant parts of your company – especially during the integration of your data bases/CMS/DMS/ERP systems into a fast semantic search space, within and across sectors.

Specific RDF (but also conventional) thesauri, encyclopedias such as DBPedia, as well as specific scientific ontologies enrich your information systems with meaningful semantic components. This leads to new advantages and functionalities such as:

  • Faceted search results

At the click of a mouse, you can successively set limits to the range of results in order to quickly find what you need in your data/search space, facet after facet (a facet is a search perspective or category, such as “economy” or “scientific article”).

  • Autocomplete with linked thesauri

As you type in your search query – or partially type it in – you are provided with search suggestions that are acquired through the selected domain specific or domain encompassing Thesauri. Additional SKOS indications suggest abstractions, specifications, and synonyms of your search query and speed up the process even before the real search begins.

  • Query expansion

Thesauri allow a precise expansion of the search within limited areas, where the available encyclopedias are consulted according to the SKOS model. Not only are results of varying languages possible, but also results across linked encyclopedias.

  • „More like this“ Search

Have you ever found a document and asked yourself if there are similar documents in the search area? Sophisticated text-mining algorithms provide further search results according to their similarity to the reference document (area of application e.g. observance of the competition or scientific results).

  • Tagging (NER – automatical named entity recognition)

Terms from a text in a natural language such as English or German are given a classification and meaning in a previous analysis and the document is indexed with this. Your information space will become more precise and appropriate search results will be found faster.

  • Advisory Systems

Guide potential and existing clients through their queries and provide consultation: an advisory system with chatbot technology – supplemented by semantic technology – can be the ideal solution. It can allow your clients to reach their destination automatically and save time.

It is certainly a challenge to command rapidly growing data sets and to provide your own linked data along with the data of another institution. The complexity involved means that the appropriate strategy is absolutely necessary. Semweb assists you in finding the appropriate strategy and takes you through all the necessary steps of implementation / expansion / semantization and publication of your OGD data, as well as the establishment of LOD endpoints (public access points to your data).

Finding, creating and archiving documents is in these days a widely recognized optimization process. The document life cycle guarantees the maintenance of your information as well as its archiving over the legally agreed period.

Semweb can also carry out the electronification of your document vault. The following benefits and functionalities can be expected:

  • Documents will be classified, scanned, recognized, indexed, ordered, replicated, searched, found, edited and archived.
  • Meta data (descriptive data) will efficiently support the search process.
  • The semantization of the metadata of each document with subsequent indexing will allow the document to be recognized and detected through further classes/categories.
  • If wished, similar documents can be suggested through the use of elaborate text mining algorithms (see ‘More Like This’ under ONTOLOGY / THESAURUS MANAGEMENT).

Semweb has acquired specialized know-how through the collaboration on projects ranging from research, services to industry (e.g. HEG – Haute Ecole de Gestion, Geneva (CH), Kornhausbibliotheken Bern (CH), Zürcher Kantonalbank, Zurich (CH)). In addition to the know-how in the semantic web or text mining areas, a solid background in industry projects is also available.