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Software Engineering

Fr De

In Research
In the field of research, we consider software development an evolutionary process. This process started from basic specifications and use cases, and advanced into the most comprehensive development cycles, enables the attainment of final objectives. In the current context, the principles of agile software engineering /ase/ have priority over the principles of industrial realization (depth of documentation, traceability). Comparing the outcomes of competing developments and the exchange between academic development teams allows mutual technical enrichment and the best possible result for the end product. Semweb uses techniques from requirement engineering /req/, /ireb/. Depending on the requirements and intensity of the project, cooperative tools such as JIRA /jira/, Mantis /man/ or Github /gtb/ guarantee the efficient traceability of requirement changes.

In industry
Industry standards force the methodological use of established techniques so that efficient adherence to requirements, realization details, modifications or tracking changes be possible. Methods of requirement engineering are to be chosen to guarantee that goals and deadlines within the project management can be met, and for the management of resources, costs and time frame objectives.

In your company
Semweb follows the methodology used by your company. We are versed in various methodology, from V-model /vmodell/ to more agile ones like SCRUM /scrum/, up to the somewhat unconventional XTREME /xtreme/ or the industrial /SAFe/.